Why Organic cotton ?

Move to soft and chemical free clothing with Candy Cot

Clothing is all about being comfortable, sturdy and value for money.
We offer you all this with added benefit of not being harmful to the children and the environment.
Did you give a thought if your child’s clothes are :
Treated with harmful pesticides and chemicals that are absorbed by their bodies?
Can lead to skin problems and allergies?
Breathable & sweat absorbent?
Our organic cotton clothing is certified from “seed to shelf” for being chemical free.
Causes no harm to the skin unlike conventional cotton or polycot.

Organic cotton is sturdier, safer & softer

It lasts longer than conventional cotton. Thus, value for money and better quality.

Organic Cotton Education Video from Kahgiap Remarks on Vimeo.

What’s wrong with Conventional cotton?

If you think cotton is a safe choice because it is natural, think again

  • 25% of the world’s pesticides & 10% insecticides are used on cotton crop – this despite the fact that this crop only uses 3% of the world’s farmland.
  • Ironically, it is estimated that less than 10% of the chemicals applied to cotton accomplish their task, the rest are absorbed into the plant, air, soil, water and eventually, our bodies.
  • Conventional cotton is also a major user of toxic herbicides, fungicides and defoliants. During processing, it is subjected to chlorine bleach, heavy metal dyes and formaldehyde resins (the hidden hazard of ‘easy care treatments’). The bleach is almost worse than pesticides, causing myriad health problems and vast environmental damage.
Attributes Polycot Organic Cotton
Content Fibres derived from petrochemicals, heavy metal catalysts that off-gas throughout the life of clothing 100% natural – from seed to garment. Organic cotton seeds are cultivated in pesticide free farms
Toxic Level Highly toxic Non toxic and safe
Impact on body Can irritate baby’s eye nose and throat Pleasant and non harmful
Allergenic Can aggravate and even cause rashes, imitants, allergies & skin conditions like eczema Soothes the skin with natual properties, not harmful
Breathability Non organic fibres traeated with chemicals make a unhealthy barrier on skin Lets skin breathe, absorbs sweat and feels comfortable
Dying & Printing Hazardous chemical based dyes, Plastisol(PVC) printing inks,
formaldehyde (ZFP), etc used
Azo free & natural dyes, eco-friendly & water based printing ink etc used.
Bleach & Finishing Chlorine bleach, heavy metal / silicone based softners etc used Non chlorine bleach and eco-friendly chemical softners used
Certification None Global agency certification – GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)

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